Update on library reopening plans

The library will reopen Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020 at 9am. Of course, as with all things in this time, there will be a few changes to our operation.

  • Face masks will be required. To be effective, masks must be worn over the nose, mouth and chin. Curbside services will remain available to anyone not able or willing to wear a face mask in the library.

  • To allow browsing of our collections and the use of our facilities, patrons will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the building.

  • Visits will be limited to one hour per patron per day.

  • Seating will be reduced throughout the facility.

  • Public computers will be available by appointment. To observe social distancing, fewer stations will be accessible. Sessions will be for one hour.

  • Water fountains are closed. Bathrooms will be available but are not sanitized between uses.

  • To decrease exposure and facilitate the quarantine process, returns can be made at the outside book drop. 


Please check back for updates. We hope to see you soon!