WIFI Password: Books 2020


Patrons are welcome to bring their own device and use our WIFI while abiding by the library's policy on acceptable use. USB-enabled outlets are available around the perimeter of the library near the quiet study nooks.

For those without a device, there are 12 public computer stations for patron use. Sessions are for 2 hours and no library card is required. Stations shut down 15 minutes before closing.

In compliance with FCC law, the library filters all internet traffic, but is not responsible for the content accessed.


Prints/Copies are:

  • 15¢ for black and white letter and legal size 

  • 50¢ for color letter and legal

  • 30¢ for black and white 11×17 $1.00 for color 11×17


Faxes may be sent for a cost of $1.50 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page (sent or received).

Our copier also has scanning capabilities.


The notary is normally available Monday-Friday 9-5 with a one hour lunch break. It is recommended that patrons call ahead to arrange a time that is mutually convenient.

Anyone may register to vote by bringing in two forms of identification, one must have the current address of the person applying. The completed forms are sent to the Election Commission and voter registration cards will be issued by them and arrive in the mail at your home address. 


During tax season, paper forms are usually available in the library, and are limited to what is provided by the IRS. Additional forms can be printed by patrons at the computer stations. Printing fees apply.

The library does not host AARP tax preparation appointments.


Our library is an inclusive environment!

To aide our patrons, a wheelchair and a walker are available for use in the library. Please ask staff for assistance.

Library staff will do their best to accommodate the library experience to readers of all backgrounds and abilities.

The Illinois Talking Book Center provides free library service for anyone unable to read regular print because of low vision, blindness, or another type of print handicap. They provide books and playback equipment. Books are mailed free to and from library patrons, wherever they reside. There is no charge, whatsoever, to the patron. 


The Peoria Heights Public Library Meeting Room will accommodate up to 100 people. Renters will be subject to meeting room policy. To reserve the room and to check rates, please contact the Library Director.